Friday, January 14, 2011

Know Your Enemy

A new ad campaign by Southwest Airlines caught my attention, not because of their offering, but how they portray their competition:

So, basically, the competition is gouging customers, really fucking them over with excessive fees.  And the personification of this colossal working-over is a smirking, shameless executive calling it making an "honest dollar".  Perhaps what really made this jump out at me was that it reminded me of the radio ads I was bombarded with this summer from Administaff (ironically as my company was moving over to them):

See?  It's the scary government that's gonna come on in and kill your small business!  It's gonna regulate you into oblivion!  It's gonna... well hires us!

We have this amazing ability in this country to be romanced.  Millions of people in this country don't want any tax increases for the top 0.1% because they believe that somehow they're going to get there some day.  The biggest six banks' assets are equal to 64% of GDP (Q3 2010), but it's the government's expansion that is unconscionable.  How many Mortgage Backed Securities have teacher's unions underwritten lately?

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